I was born in Aix-en-Provence, France and raised in Paris. My art practice is often times an exploration of the public spaces around me, specifically the spaces which are associated with the idea of home. In my universe, exploration of the public is transformed to personal narrative. Pursuing fine art practice in Atelier de Sèvres (Paris), my interest in the public spaces was explored through murals, graffiti. These former interests are precedent to my current work of how I illustrate a complex public space into my own playground. My bachelor studies, briefly at G. Rietveld (Amsterdam) and completion at the KABK (Den Haag), has given me the chance to study and improve my practice and find an identity to share to the public.


I create a world with surrealistic landscapes drawn in warm undertones, making you question: what is happening? The infinite spaces allow you to rest, to think, and to play with your imagination. While giving possibilities to possible stories, I’m offering an alternative to the « bubble » we live in. I see my work as the window between where we live and where we dream off of.


This “window” shows a universe that is illustrative, still landscapes which are innocent, childlike daydreams. This universe is a constant exploration in my practice, with each work evidence that it continues to grow in color, entity, and perspective. The landscapes are meant to co-exist together, as they play a specific role in my narrative. A narrative which continues to remain mysterious, playful, and open for you to tell yourselves. At its core, time suddenly stops, but the seasons, the colors, the smell, the waterfalls existing in the canvas remain active.


My inspirations for elements are in my daily surroundings; I pick and choose them very intuitively. I place them in these fantastical landscapes, romanticising them. The same kind of romanticism I relate to as a child in nature in the south of France. That feeling that I remembered was magical; being alone in nature influenced me very much so. I found joy in the contemplations and loneliness in nature – of which I found solace and mystery in these moments.


Ultimately, I want to bring beauty into the world.